RE: Uploading a Sales Order with 1,700 lines times out

I have a few of SOs with between 1,100 and 1,700 lines, containing a total of a few thousand items. We upload them with the status “Pending Approval”, but when we go to approve them, the approval times out.  After several minutes and we get a generic “Error: An unexpected error occurred”. Occasionally we’ll get a webserver-style “The gateway request timed out”.

I’ve opened a case, but the answers don’t make sense. The initial answer I got was “The limit for a CSV is 5000 lines”, but I’m clearly well under that. When I asked for clarification, I was told “The limit is 5000 lines for uploading, but if you want to approve a big CSV via the web, the limit is really 500″.

They suggested we try and upload the same ~1,700 line CSV with the status “Pending Fulfillment”. When we do that, we get a different error:

Error;int ID;Status

An unexpected SuiteScript error has occurred;5387598;Pending Fulfillment

Any suggestions?



bitpushr Rookie Asked on December 4, 2019 in Billing.
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Just going to snowball two ideas for you… Both of these solutions have been successful for us in the past but they have also failed.  It is mostly situational….

  • “Try doing the import in the middle of the night.  More bandwidth on the servers available.  Helps with some things… not with others.
  • Create the sales order with all header fields and approved first.  Then in a second action, do your csv import to add all of the line items.  Creating transactions takes more time/bandwidth than editing them.  Doing the CSV import with as few columns as possible can help with speed to prevent timing out.


Hope this helps!


Intermediate Answered on December 4, 2019.
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