RE: Unit of Measure receiving issues

We have hardware items that are set up as purchasing unit of 25/box, 100/pack, etc.

We are having receiving issues.

For Example, BUYER Orders Qty 4 boxes of 100 $ 8.00 per box.

When receiving receives in the Qty 4 boxes, only 4 screws get received in and the receipt is for .32 cents.

The 2 options we have are:
1. Have buyer calculate the math and order qty of total screws

2. Have receiving calculate the math and receive in total number of screws.


Both of these options create room for error.

what is an easier way to resolve this?

AKACOSTA Rookie Asked on September 3, 2020 in Receiving.
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1 Answers

You need to set up a unit of measure.  Link here.

Using a unit of measure, you could set the base measurement of one.  Create another that is a 25/box, and a third that is 100/pack.  Then on the item you can set the stock units, sale units, and purchase units.  If you stock it as a single unit, and purchase it in a 100/pack… You could then create a PO for quantity 4.  When you receive that PO you would receive 4 units.  Then, once you look at your stock, it would say you have 400 single units in stock.  Due to the Unit of Measure settings.

Intermediate Answered on September 9, 2020.
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