RE: Unable to relate relations between netsuite database tables. How to fetch records from database tables and from where, without any permission error?

I’ve a an existing website built and integrated with Netsuite. I am now planning to build an mobile application for the same and need to integrate same API endpoints in it using Netsuite.

As I’m new to Netsuite I’m unable to find the implemented API endpoints. Also I’ve the schema with me for the developed system but can’t relate the relation between any of the table or its fields, it will be helpful if you can help me to find out how can I access database in Netsuite.

Also I tried out using some REST API’s which works fine but when I try to fire queries using REST API’s I get error as “Your current role does not have permission to perform this action.”. What is needed to get access to this permission.

Link references:

DB Schema:


REST docs:

shubham0503 Rookie Asked on June 5, 2020 in How To's.
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The closest to a schema is the connect browser. That said, the easiest way for working with Netuite via any of the api’s is to know how to do the matching action in the user interface.

The role you are using determines which permissions you have access to. There is some Permissions Documentation, but I generally find its easier to work from the ui. Start from a role that has permission to do anything and copy the url of the page you want access to into the role that doesnt have access. Usually netsuite will have an error page that lists the name of the permission you need to add.

Advanced Answered on June 5, 2020.
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