RE: Transaction Number Doesn’t Match Transaction ID When Data is Pulled via ODBC

Hi All,

First time posting here! Glad to have a space like this instead of contacting support all the time.

So I’ve been using the ODBC driver for while and have been pulling sales order data, customer data, etc. Recently when looking at some sales order data, I’ve noticed that the “Transaction ID” (transaction internal ID) and “Transaction Number” (Document Number) are not matching up. It seems like the other fields such as status match what the internal ID is, but not the document number.

Has anyone experienced this before? Like mentioned I am using the SuiteAnalytics ODBC connector and I am pulling this data into Tableau Desktop. Thanks!

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I’ve never used the ODBC connector, but the first thing I’d check is what role you’re using for access and its associated permissions. In a Suitescript context, if your role doesn’t allow access, Netsuite sometimes returns other field values in place of ones you don’t have permission to access. The connector may be behaving in a similar way?

Beginner Answered on June 11, 2020.

Sorry for the late reply, but that might be possible….. Whenever I do look up these random internal ID (I take an opportunity and replace the id in the URL) it give me the error saying it belongs to another transaction type.

on June 18, 2020.
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