RE: Total Amount field on Transfer Orders

I would like to have a total amount field in Transfer Orders. Actually, it should display quantity * average cost of an item.


I created a transaction line field and put the default value formula which is:

{quantity} * {averagecost} but it is not showing anything.


i tried {item. quantity} * {item.averagecost} but still field is showing blank.


I know it is very simple. i don’t want to write a suitescript for it but why isn’t it working?

Anyone can help?


Zubair Rookie Asked on September 14, 2022 in Inventory.
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1 Answers

You can’t pull the item average cost directly, you have to create a separate field for that and then pull that into your formula. “Show Average Cost of Item and Total Average Cost on Transfer Order Record” SuiteAnswer ID 74927 walks you through this pretty nicely.

Intermediate Answered on October 20, 2022.
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