RE: To Be Emailed Field Removed from Item Fulfillments?

With the release of 2019.2, it appears that NetSuite removed the “to be emailed” checkbox from item fulfillments, does anyone know if this was intentional or accidental? I can’t find docs to explain change.

btgoligowski24 Rookie Asked on September 10, 2019 in Releases.
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@tbmbm thanks! I started somewhere new and they have a workflow that worked based on referencing this field on the item fulfillment. As of the 19.2 upgrade, it no longer works. I wonder if it was something that ‘worked’ but shouldn’t have then that was just fixed.  Of course i started by checking with a friend whose instance had the field listed there but after further investigation he told me it’s actually a custom field named the same as what’s on sales orders and cash sales. So it was easily confusing at first troubleshooting glance. Thanks for taking a look for me! We’ll look for another solution then.

Rookie Answered on September 10, 2019.
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