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When I go to Sales Orders >> List, the list is set to ‘Default’ view, which is fine, but there are so many other options on that dropdown that have nothing to do with what I’m seeing.   Is there a way to get rid of them?

Also, one of the columns on the default list is “Memo”.   I need to widen the column because the memos are long but IU can’t figure that out.

Any help is appreciated.

UCN Beginner Asked on December 6, 2019 in Saved Searches.
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In answer to the part of your question about views these are driven from searches who has created them?  If they have been set as public this is why you can see them all.  If they are all not need you could remove some of them.  Also this choice is ‘sticky’ so will stay on your last choice for instance if you change to a view showing ‘open sales orders’ next time you go to the list this view will be the one still chosen

Beginner Answered on December 9, 2019.
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