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Hi there,

I am performing an external technical audit of a company and looking to find out how long, on average, does it take NetSuite to approve an App on the SuiteApp store.    Especially for large applications?

We have an estimate from the company, I am looking for an external perspective.

Thanks in advance,


Hutton Rookie Asked on September 23, 2021 in SuiteApps.
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Hi Hutton,

It certainly shouldn’t drag on but it’s worth keeping on top of things and pushing the process along.

I think it’s very unlikely for an app to be rejected but just make sure you’re well prepared for the technical reviews (not that it’s particularly intense).
The other thing is that I’m pretty confident it wouldn’t ever be a flat out no and so you’ll likely be able to refine the solution and resubmit, if anything significant.

As for removal from the app store – I think this is even more remote a possibility.



Intermediate Answered on September 27, 2021.
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