RE: Special Work Order Items+Cross-Subsidiary Fulfillment: Set Inventory Location on Line level

Hi People,


I’m setting up an account where we use Special Work order Items and Cross-Subsidiary Fulfillment.

This enables the Inventory Location Field as a Transaction Line field.

My issue is, that the “Location” field gets set automatically if I set the location on Main line level, but the column Inventory Location stays empty. Without it being filled, we cannot create a Wave or Fulfill the order through the UI/WMS.


Does anyone have experience with that issue and found a good solution(even if it’s scripted) to set the Inventory location on line level?


Thanks in advance!

Nico_Gronwald Rookie Asked on December 7, 2020 in How To's.
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2 Answers

Unfortunately i do not have the exact same issue, but have similar issues with outsource manufacturing.


Can you manually fill in the inventory location at the line level? if not i am stumped.


? do u have the preferred inventory location set for the item?  just a thought. (i have never needed to in my case)

opt1: create user event derivation logic to manage location/department for builds/receipts/fulfillments/transfers per business rules.

opt2: create  workflows but u will most likely still need scripts


Rookie Answered on December 7, 2020.
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