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NetSuite offers possibility to set addresses on a supplier record, and mark them as default billing or default shipping. When marking an address as deafult shipping, and entering a purchase order , it doesnot set the suppliers default shipping address?

Also, it can not be selected in the po..?


popescu Rookie Asked on April 8, 2021 in Purchasing.
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Hi Payal,


thanks, appreciate your efforts! Why though does NetSuite offer possibility to set a default supplier ship to address on a supplier record, and is the shipping address (default) available on purchase transaction form? For sales orders/customers it DOES work though, as designed and expected.

Your solution sounded promising, tested it, but doesnot work for us:

  • we need it to be set to “store value” since occasionally, the address might be different for a purchase order so overriding it in the po should be possible (like the default functionality “custom”)
  • however, when setting it accordingly, it doesnot pull the supplier default shipping address but a number??

Any thoughts?


Rookie Answered on April 12, 2021.
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