RE: Set item location via REST API when creating a new sales order.

I am able to set the location for a sales order, but attempting to set a location using internal id via “inventorydetail” does nothing but allow sales order creation and then attempting to use “inventorylocation” causes an error and does not allow sales order to be created. Is there a way to have the items in a sales order default to what the location is in the sales order or a way to set them via REST API sales order creation? Thanks!

When I go in and set the item location manually, if I get the JSON back for sales order with “expandSubResource” I get an “inventorydetail” section in the item json, but it only has a links object which is no help.

Could this be a permissions issue?

jsj Rookie Asked on July 24, 2020 in Items.
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9 Answers

I’m pretty certain that location lives on the line rather than the Inventory Detail. Can you share your request JSON?

Advanced Answered on July 24, 2020.
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