RE: Saved search: transfer order – no “To Location” data

The {location} field on an Inventory Transfer saved search seems to contain both the ‘from location’ and the ‘to location’ resulting in one transfer order search generating multiple lines

  • the first line {location} results with the ‘from location’ data and
  • the second line for the same transfer ID {location} results in the ‘to location’

If filtered with ‘main line’ true then you get one line per transfer but only ever the ‘from location’, never the ‘to location’.

Need to get a saved search to produce, in one line, both the ‘to’ and the ‘from’ locations.  Looking at the transfer in GUI the ‘transfer from location’ is: [Field ID: location] and the ‘transfer to’ field is: [Field ID: transferlocation].

The issue is that putting {transferlocation} on a saved search always returns -none-.


Closest Answer Id: 32418  sort of addresses that this is an issue but the suggested use of:

Formula (Text) | Formula = case when nvl({quantity},0) < ‘0’ then {location} else null end | Custom Label = From Location

Formula (Text) | Formula = case when nvl({quantity},0) = ‘1’ then {location} else null end | Custom Label = To Location

–>  Does not get both data points on one line.


Looking for Transaction saved search

Critera =

  • Type is Inventory Transfer


  • Date, Group
  • Document Number, Group
  • Amount (Credit) , Sum

Need (on the same line, could then be concatenated)

  • Transfer from location
  • Transfer to location
mlajewsk Rookie Asked on October 6, 2020 in Saved Searches.
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Thank you Chris and battk for the fast answers!

Yes, if NetSuite would expose/use the Field ID: transferlocation in addition to Field ID: location this would be easy.


Getting closer but not preferable.  I am receiving:

With Internal ID as Group and NS_CONCAT({location}) as Max (or min, no difference)

  • one line per internal ID <– good
  • the column for NS_CONCAT({location}) as Max (or min, same results) has many ‘to locations’ (duplicates, looks like always 4 for the from location and 4 for the to location… happens to = the number of lines when the Internal ID is not set as Group… like as if the Max grouping function is not properly applying)  <– lots of not needed repetition making it hard to read
  • the REGEXP_SUBSTR(NS_CONCAT({location}),’^[^,]+’) as formula text with Min or Max returns “ERROR: Invalid Expression



Rookie Answered on October 7, 2020.
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