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I am trying to get search which will pull actual cost against revenue through saved searches. When I put in the code below, I am getting an error message – any suggestions please?

  1. Under the Results tab, set the following Columns:

    • Formula (Currency) | Sum | Case when {‌accounttype} = ‘Income’ then {‌grossamount} else 0 end | Total Revenue
GRAMOR Rookie Asked on February 1, 2023 in Saved Searches.
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2 Answers

There’s something funky going on with your grossamount. When I copied and pasted your formula, I received the same result. However, when I edited the formula and selected the “Amount (gross)” field from the dropdown and then cut and pasted that “{grossamount}” over what you had, the formula magically worked. Unless I’m going blind, they’re the same. Maybe you copied it from somewhere and some weird formatting got stuck in your text that’s throwing the error?

Anywho, try pulling down the field code like I did and pasting over what you have and see if that works for you too.  As to why that happened… :shrug:

Intermediate Answered on February 2, 2023.
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