RE: Sales Order updates via API AFTER revenue rec. model or billing (to other system)

We are currently working on an API between Workfront (WF) and NS, in which we are seeking to have a consistent update of SO line detail (value, start and end dtaes etc) between our WF platform where the records are updated.

At present the API stops working on updating sales order details after the revenue recognition model has been ran. I am told by our developers this is the functionality of NS. I am aware manually however the record can be amended via the system.


Has anyone hit this problem before? Is there a way to reconfigure?





srose88 Rookie Asked on September 9, 2020 in Revenue Recognition.
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Hi Sarah,

Got it. So, here’s my understanding (but of course there may be things specific to your account).

Quantity and Value changes should automatically get reflected in the Revenue Arrangement plus associated Elements and Plans.

However, Start and End dates typically do not get automatically updated on those records, even if you make the change through the UI.

It isn’t impossible to allow these changes but it would likely require some further customisation.

Once again, I’m commenting based on my experience and there may be a great many other factors that influence the possibilities.



Advanced Answered on September 10, 2020.
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