RE: RMA transform to Item Receipt error You must enter at least one line item for this transaction.

Good morning all,

I am trying to transform an RMA into an Item Receipt via a Workflow using the native transform record Action, but when I do I get the error “You must enter at least one line item for this transaction.”

I know that this is because they have the DEFAULT ITEMS TO ZERO RECEIVED/FULFILLED checked and they are do not want to change this.

So my question is this, other than writing a script, is there a way around this in the transform record Action?

Rhys Gottwald Beginner Asked on August 24, 2020 in SuiteFlow.
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Hi Rhys,

Apologies, I don’t think I explained myself clearly.

Based on what you have said, the transform is essentially trying to create an RMA that has zero on every line, which is why it is failing.

At some point, we need to update at least some of these values from zero in order to be able to save.

How do you envisage this happening and is this based on some know data/rules?

One option you may have is another workflow on the actual Item Receipt to default the lines before it is saved.



Advanced Answered on August 25, 2020.
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