RE: Reversals into a higher Elimination Subsidiary

Can anyone suggest a process of bringing in Reversals up to a higher level Elimination subsidiary?

Example: Subsidiary A, B elimates into Elimation 1. However, above A B there’s another sub called B. B Eliminates into Elimation 2.

Need to do reversals between A and B. How can these be expressed in Elimation 2, please?

No idea or suggestion would be too far fetched.

Thank you

StableGenius Rookie Asked on October 25, 2019 in Accounting.
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1 Answers

Your best bet might be to run a script after NS posts its elimination, and just have that script create equal reversals in Elim 2. If there is ONLY Sub A and B in Elim 1 that’s a no-brainer, but if there are more subs then isolating just the right amounts might be challenging.

Advanced Answered on October 25, 2019.
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