RE: Rest Api: Create support case example?

Does anyone know of an example of how to create a support case using the REST api?  or, really…  any set of useful examples?  I just keep randomly trying things.  The documentation just isn’t clear.


Here are two examples where I’m having trouble creating a supportCase.  (I’m referring to this documentation)

  • The “company” field.  Docs show “companyone of: [ customerpartnervendornsResourceemployeecontact ]”
    but when I send “customer”, I get the error: “Invalid value for the resource or sub-resource field ‘company’. Provide a valid value.”
  • The “assigned” field.  Docs just show “assignedemployee” which is really not clear.  I’ve tried sending just an employee ID, and I’ve tried sending an object where the Id property is set to the employee ID.  Both give me this error: “Error while accessing a resource. You have entered an Invalid Field Value XYZ for the following field: assigned.”  (I replaced my id with XYZ)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


BradLarsen Rookie Asked on February 15, 2022 in How To's.
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Oh, so you’re saying the “Company” property needs a similar format as “Customer” that you’re referring to?  Okay, that’s great – I’ll start looking into that, thank you!

But as for Beta, now I’m worried because I don’t even know what you mean.  Are you saying Beta is a whole different set of records?  I assumed it was just a different endpoint for the same data.

Rookie Answered on February 25, 2022.
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