RE: Resources or Best Practices for Merging Two NetSuite Instances

I’ll possibly be merging two NetSuite instances and am looking for any type of documentation about this process. Or, if you’ve gone through this process yourself, any tips or tricks you might have would be appreciated. Still a lot of unknowns, but I want to prepare just in case.


jennyberg Beginner Asked on September 9, 2019 in Administration.
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Hi Jenny,

First – I wouldn’t assume that just because they use NetSuite that their terminology is the same as yours – check the “Rename Records” page.

If you are transitioning to a one world account from a midmarket account – please please please do this in sandbox first. The transition to one world can be a bit bumpy (though admittedly its much better than it used to be)

Don’t trust the “download all data” function. (honestly – I’m not sure why NS even bothers with it, it’s woefully inadequate)

One thing to bear in mind – you can actually download a list of all the custom fields from the account from each page (I’m not sure how new this is)

Just a few things to get you started – if I think of more, I’ll edit this.

Advanced Answered on September 9, 2019.
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