RE: Reporting – By Week Open and Fulfilled Order Report

I want to create a report the by week shows the qty and amount of sales orders – this would be differentiated by open sales orders and billed/fulfilled sales orders.


In terms of structure –

Week  Ending              Qty of Open Order     Amt of Open Order       Qty of Billed/Fulfilled Order    Amt of Billed/fulfilled orders





The week would be consolidated based on a field on the sales order called ship end date.


Is this possible? I have played around with the open sales order and sales order reporting but havent been able to find a way to achieve this. Might be able to do with saved searches but not sure how I create these fields filtered by open versus fulfilled/billed.



lrabe Rookie Asked on May 16, 2020 in Reports.
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I actually managed to achieve this in two different ways:

  • Using the beta pivot table option with Netsuite
    • wasnt the ideal solution as I want to this to automate to send to specific business people who I dont want to have them do any manipulation (ie hit the ‘pivot table button) to see the report
  • Using saved search functionality with the group by summary report options
    • grouping by a formula field that uses the TRUNC() function to return the first day of the week for ‘end ship window’ date for sales orders that are in an open status and then returning the first day of the week for sales orders based on fulfillment date
    • then using sum summary to return the qty and amount based on the sales order status for each of the associated week start dates above
Rookie Answered on May 17, 2020.
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