RE: Quantity OH & Quantity Available Discrepancies in a Sales Order

I’ve run across a handful of billed/fullfilled/shipped sales order that are showing more available than on hand, but with none committed (as it was closed).  There are no open sales orders or location related issues to explain it, so I am spinning my wheels here, although I am a newbie to Netsuite. For example, we have an item that shows 56 OH in the item record inventory field. However, I have a closed/billed Sales Order that shows

56 OH; 57 available; 0 committed, 0 backordered. If the quantity available = the quantity on hand – quantity committed then I must be missing something obvious here, but with all cases there are no open fulfillments, so I welcome and appreciate any help or guidance here.

jrourke1 Rookie Asked on October 2, 2020 in Inventory.
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Those columns are not live sourcing all the time on the sales order.  So if the sales order is closed, that information will not continue to be updated.

Intermediate Answered on October 2, 2020.
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