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I am trying to setup outsourced manufacturing and went through the available documentation and completed the recommended setups in sandbox. However, I still have the following questions/issues:

  1. I am not able to get the tab ‘Outsourced Manufacturing’ on the supplier to tie my outsourced location to the supplier. The tab is enabled at the form level.

  2. In my case, our one vendor would be shipping a part (unpainted body part of the machine) to the another vendor directly, who would be painting the same and would ship it back to us as a painted part. How do we manage this drop ship outsourcing requirement in the system?


VishalThoughts Beginner Asked on January 11, 2023 in Manufacturing.
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So for #2 I agree with Alexeverhart and the fist half of the question but think that the answer may need a bit more elaboration. If you are going to have parts that you own shipped out to a vendor then you should have a location for that vendor in NS. The vendor from whom you are purchasing the unpainted part, that PO should be set up to be received into the other Vendors Location. This way when you send the PO the correct ship to address will show on the PO and when you receive the component you will receive it into the correct location. So there are a few ways to go about the step of the assembly, and ours is a bit different. The method that we use is to purchase not an assembly but a Labor PN. We then receive that into the Vendors location, build the item (the item would have a BOM consuming all relevant parts and the labor PN in order to capture the correct cost) at the Vendors location and then transfer it from their location into the receiving location. It should be mentioned that our method avoids the need for OUTSOURCED MANUFACTURING in the system, as we are leveraging normal manufacturing processes to achieve the same goal. For us all we needed was to turn on multi-location.

Beginner Answered on January 16, 2023.
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