RE: Opportunites (CRM) revenue recognition dates

Hi, we are new to using the CRM.

We see that you can enter revenue recognition dates on individual opportunity lines. We would like to generate a report that shows the periodisation of the forecast opportunity revenue so we can build a latest estimate revenue overview. . At the moment we are only able to use the expected opportunity close date which isn’t very useful for illustrating the revenue impact.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Thanks Oliver. When you say “does not allow” are you inferring that Netsuite has made an active decision to not enable this functionality? Or is it the case that they simply haven’t thought about this functiionality yet? For our business, having revenue recognition on the opportunites would essentially build our latest estimate/forecast in a very efficient way. So its confusing why they “do not allow” this.



Rookie Answered on May 18, 2020.
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