RE: New Subtab Not showing Content..

I have an issue that has appeared where I have created a new entity subtab for a rework to our customer form. (This is being edited on a new non-preferred form outside of view and has already been mocked up in Sandbox. )

I’m encountering an issue that I encountered in Sandbox though, I take the following steps:

1: Created New Entity Subtab.

2: Returned to form, set in order where new subtab should go.

3: Used ‘Move Elements Between Subtabs’ to move over ~20 fields to the new tab, saved.

After step 3 I am able to see the new ‘Contract Details’ tab where you would expect, but when I select this, nothing loads, even if I go back to ‘Move Elements Between Subtabs’ the same issue occurs.

RE: New Subtab Not showing Content..

RE: New Subtab Not showing Content..

When the issue occurred in Sandbox a while back I had other tasks that popped up and when I returned to this process 1-2 weeks later I was able to view the content inside the new tab but I checked periodically and it took around that whole time to fix on it’s own.

I do not have the time for that this time around so I’m hoping someone knows how to get around this.

JJacobs Beginner Asked on October 2, 2021 in Administration.
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I’ll second JJacobs  comment…

I run into the same problem (and related issues) pretty regularly when working with custom forms, fields, etc.   I use Chrome – open the “F12” window, right-click on refresh, and select “Empty Cache and Hard Reload”.   This fixes it every time without having to switch browsers.


Rookie Answered on October 28, 2022.
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