RE: NetSuite SS 2.0 – Attach File Object to Email Being Sent Keeps getting Error “Wrong parameter type: options.attachments is expected as file.File[].”

I am writing a script where I am trying to print a transaction and then email it. I keep getting the following error.

“Wrong parameter type: options.attachments is expected as file.File[].”

I can’t tell what is wrong with my code. Here is the snipped of code that is causing the issues. The email sends just fine if I don’t include the attachments parameter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

var recID = 1213;
var userID = 1478;
var emailSender = 1478;
var emailSubject = "Test Email";
var emailBody = "This is a test.";
var mainRecipient = "";
var additionalRecipients = null;
var recPDF = render.transaction({

entityId: recID,

printMode: render.PrintMode.PDF,

author: author,

recipients: mainRecipient,

subject: emailSubject,

cc: additionalRecipients,

body: emailBody,

attachments: [recPDF],

relatedRecords: {

transactionId: recID


daBears38235 Rookie Asked on December 2, 2020 in SuiteScript.
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3 Answers

I figured out my issue.  I have a library file module that I had added to my Suitelet. When I removed the library file module from the Suitelet my code worked fine. So something with the library file is conflicting.  That will be a different issue that I will need to figure out, but at least I got this working now. Thanks guys for helping me debug.

Rookie Answered on December 2, 2020.
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