RE: My uploaded logo on the top left side of the screen is not updating

Hi I tried uploading a custom logo a week ago and had it on Display Internally setting so it always shows on the top left side of every page in my NetSuite interface next to the Oracle NetSuite logo. However, after trying to upload another logo, the old logo is still the one that shows up. I even tried changing the image for the particular file that I uploaded before but it still displays the old image. Tried resetting the Display Internally box and logging in and out but the old logo still persists. Tried clearing my browser cache too but no luck. Has anyone had this problem before?

Edit: I tried reducing the file size too to below 10kb and even resized it to 114 pixels wide and 30 pixels high according to SuiteAnswer’s recommendation but the old logo is still there.

bonns Beginner Asked on September 27, 2019 in Administration.
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Never mind got it working. Cleared cache data again and logged out and when I logged in again the new one showed up. But can anyone explain what is this cache data and why do I need to clear it first to see the new logo?

Beginner Answered on September 27, 2019.
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