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Is there a way to return the most recent sale for a customer in SuiteAnalytics DataSets?  Or even for the most days since created.  I know it can be done in a search but I need to do it in a Workbook

Rhys Gottwald Beginner Asked on September 2, 2020 in Workbooks.
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Hi Rhys,

I’ve dug out all my ideas on this one but can’t seem to do it in SuiteAnalytics. All the tools that we would have used with Saved Searches (Summary Types, Summary Criteria plus functions like MAX and DENSE_RANK) aren’t available in the SuiteAnalytics world.

I guess, for the minute, they’re relying somewhat on the use of Pivot Tables, etc. And, in that respect, you can sort of get to what you want. It’s possible to create a pivot that lists Customers alongside their last Sales Order date. Let me know if that would be remotely useful and I can happily provide some steps, if needed.



Intermediate Answered on September 3, 2020.
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