RE: Managing Customer Owned Inventory

Does anyone have a method of being able to manage customer owned inventory?

We are purchasing component items and then immediately selling these same component items to the customer, however we need the inventory items to remain in our warehouse location at a zero cost as they will be used in a Bill of Materials to create a finished good. Since the customer owns the inventory, they must remain at a zero cost and not contribute to the COG nor our inventory valuation.

We use Average costing.

Thank you in advance!

JoshuaJones Rookie Asked on March 23, 2021 in Items.
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2 Answers

Bring in the customer-owned inventory as a non-serialized inventory item with the customer ID/number as the first 4 digits of the inventory item.
Bring the item in at 0 cost on an IA.
These items can be added to BOMs and sold/received on SO’s and PO’s to and from that customer at $0 to receive and move inventory in and out.

Rookie Answered on August 2, 2021.
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