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Hi all,


I would like to register an item kit which would consistĀ in a group of specific products, eg: the kit 1 would be formed by 4x items I200 and 2x items I201.

What I was looking was a way to manage those kits and the stock level of the products inside those kits.

Any help with this matter would be apreciated.


DennysTC Rookie Asked on October 8, 2019 in Items.
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Thank you James,

I was trying to use the kits/package to solve this problem, I created a kit and add it to a Sales Order but it didn’t “split” the kit into products. The general idea is to create packages with 2 different SKU on a bundle, the customer would add this package to the cart and I was hoping Netsuite would split the package on the order. IĀ  the kit/package configuration there is a field called “DISPLAY COMPONENTS ON TRANSACTIONS” (printitems) which I thought would do exactly that.

printitems field description:

Check this box to display the member items with their respective display names, quantities and descriptions on sales and purchase forms. Clear this box to display only the description and amount of the group or kit on sales and purchase forms


The stock level management was going to be used to control how much packages I want to enable for customers, e.g.: if a package is made of 2 products and both have 100 units on stock, I could sell 100 kits but I want to make only 20 available.



Rookie Answered on October 10, 2019.
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