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Good morning guys,

I need to collect login audit information from all employees using Netsuite. Currently I view my information the “My Login Audit Portlet” portlet. But I need to see everyone in the company. Does anyone know where I can get this report?
I need to know the name, email and date of last password reset.

ElaineCCruz Rookie Asked on August 23, 2022 in Reports.
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Greetings Elaine,

I might not know the most elegant way of doing this but you can create a search and pull the information from the employee records.  Once you have this information you can parse it in excel.

First create a search of type employee. Set a single criteria,

System Notes : Old Value contains PASSWORD_CHANGE

Next set four result lines:

System Notes : Date
System Notes : Old Value

You can see what is prompting the password resets from “System Notes : Old Value”.  Below link is Oracle documentation detailing the reasons.


Alex S. Ducken

Rookie Answered on August 23, 2022.
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