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Hi There


I have a parent record (‘Allowance’) which has the following fields:


Approval status

Date range


I have a child record attached this called ‘time import’

Time import is a list of time entries, by employee, that need to be attached to the parent.

For example, Alex Wolfe is an employee

He has 3 separate time entries for March


When he creates an allowance record for the month of March, I want some way for all 3 of the March time entries to be attached to the March allowance record


How would I do this?

At the moment, there is an option to select every time import record and manually attach this though no way to automate this:

(the following is a screencap using fictitious data)

RE: Joining child records to parent recordParent record

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There are 3 ways to establish a parent/child relationship.

  1. Set the field on the child record used to create the parent/child relationship. You could do this in suitescript using the normal methods available in N/record.
  2. Use the attach button on the parent record to select a child record you wish to associate. You can do this in suitescript using record.attach.
  3. Enable Allow Child Record Editing on the child record to create a Custom Child Record Sublist. Importantly this method allows you to create child records by adding a sublist row on the parent record. The ids involved tend to be confusing, so pay extra attention to the Custom Child Record Sublist IDs Overview.
Advanced Answered on May 17, 2020.
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