RE: Item Fulfillment Custom Field Sourced from Saved Search – Total Quantity – Web/SuiteAnswers Solution Not Working

Hello, I am trying to create a custom body field on the item fulfillment record showing total quantity for the item fulfillment. The custom body field references a saved search (validation and defaulting subtab on custom body field), and the field is populating. However, it is populating with the incorrect value.. It should be 9.99 and is showing 59.94 (multiple of 6). All item fulfillments only have 1 line.

I have found SuiteAnswers articles and web articles on how to resolve this issue, but it does not work. See web article below advising to filter Line Sequence Number. Even when I filter by Line Sequence Number equal to 1 (the other line sequence numbers don’t show any results), I get the 59.94.

I’ve also tried filtering by Account Type is Cost of Goods Sold. This worked for another saved search without grouping/summing. In fact, when I remove the sum function on the quantity field, the correct value, 9.99 is displayed.

Please advise!

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Wow, I just solved it by adding the criteria ‘system notes : type’ is ‘create’.. Leaving this here for anyone else that runs into this issue.

Rookie Answered on June 22, 2023.
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