RE: Is there a way to email a transaction as an attachment?

There is a Email option in the actions list of transactions (Sales Order, Invoice, etc.) but it doesn’t attach a PDF of the transaction in the email that is sent. Is there any way to configure these emails to have a PDF attachment included?

Brad Beginner Asked on October 20, 2019 in How To's.
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Hi Brad, note that you got an “Attachments” tab once using the Email option in the action list.  There you can mark the checkbox of “Include Transaction” and select the type you would like the attachment i.e PDF, Inline – Above etc.

Beginner Answered on October 21, 2019.

Hi Asaf, thanks for your response! I don’t see a checkbox for that in the Attachments tab. Is setting or another prerequisite to see this option?

RE: Is there a way to email a transaction as an attachment?No attach transaction in the attachments tab of the email dialog.

on October 21, 2019.

From which transaction type you use the email option? Another thing, as far as I know this  occurs when Mail Merge feature is disabled. To enable the feature, you should perform the following steps:     Navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features. under CRM  tab.

on October 21, 2019.

It is confirmed that the Mail Merge feature is required for the attachment options to be available. Thanks!

on October 22, 2019.
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