RE: Is it possible to receive multiple POs in one item receipt?


Client currently receives a shipment related to many POs to save on importation costs. I tried Bulk Receiving but that only creates one item receipt for each PO selected(one PO=one Item Receipt). Is it possible for one Item Receipt to be related to many POs?

bonns Beginner Asked on September 25, 2019 in Receiving.
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It possible via inbound shipment management feature that allows you to handle purchase orders lines from multiple PO’s in a bulk and create an one item receipt for the selected items.

Beginner Answered on September 27, 2019.

Not quite true here. An inbound shipment is a rudimentary feature that is very limited. It also creates a separate IR to each PO.  In my opinion, the greatest limitation is that landed costs can only be applied before goods are received, which I foresee as being impractical for most companies (most carriers will only send bills for freight charges after goods are delivered, sometimes even several days after receipt).

on May 25, 2021.
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