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We recently activated the “Inventory Status” feature and it’s been functioning properly overall. However, we’ve encountered an issue when receiving purchase orders (POs). We find ourselves having to configure inventory details for each line item, which becomes quite tedious.

I should mention that we don’t utilize bins in our warehouse 2 location. Currently, I have the default status set to “Good.” My question is: Is there a way to configure the form in a manner that doesn’t require us to manually configure inventory details for each line item?

masdavis Rookie Asked on June 20, 2023 in Receiving.
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I’m working on a Item Receipt project currently and here are some native NetSuite preferences that may help you out.  I’m thinking possibly you may want to turn off Require Bins on All Transactions Except Item Receipts .
“Accounting > Preferences > Items Transaction” settings not currently checked:
Setting: Require Bins on All Transactions Except Item Receipts
  • When enabled, any created transaction that changes inventory levels and includes an item that uses bins requires you to select a bin for the item to save the transaction. If there is no bin field on a transaction such as sales orders and purchase orders, bins are not required. Note that Item Receipts do not require a bin selection, even with this preference enabled.
  • Disable this preference to permit transactions to be created that include items with no bin selected. Note that even with this preference disabled, NetSuite always requires bins on transactions where an item quantity is reduced such as on cash sales, item fulfillments, or negative inventory adjustments. Bins are not required on transactions where an item quantity is increased such as purchases and positive inventory adjustments.
Setting: Use Preferred Bin on Item Receipts
  • When you enable this preference, the Bin field on item receipts defaults to the preferred bin instead of leaving the field blank.
  • Disable this preference if you prefer the Bin field to remain blank by default.
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Rookie Answered on June 20, 2023.
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