RE: Inventory Detail on Sales Order Greyed Out

What determines whether the inventory detail can be entered on a Sales Order or that its Greyed out? Client is wanting to enter Inventory detail (BINS) on SO and have it flow through to IF.  SuiteAnswers isn’t any help.   I just need to understand the functionality to see if that is something we can configure.

paulpete3000 Rookie Asked on February 28, 2020 in Inventory.

I believe items need to be Lot Numbered in order to access inventory details and have USE BINS checked.

on February 28, 2020.
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Sales Orders will only show inventory detail if it’s a serialized or lot numbered item, and even then won’t show bin information in the inventory detail pop-up.  You can’t assign bins at the sales order level, as I understand it.  Check out “Bin Commitment in Sales Orders” SuiteAnswers Id: 14835 for more info.

Intermediate Answered on March 2, 2020.
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