RE: Inventory available by location in Transaction Saved Search?

I am working on a saved search for Sales orders down to line items. I have the bones of the information. I am looking for a column for the quality of available inventory at a particular location. i.e. I want to take order 1234 line 2, which is Item SKU 5555, and show it in 2 columns [Avalible inventory at whs 1] – [Avalible Inventory at whs 2]

Is this possible

RedHeadHunt Rookie Asked on May 30, 2023 in Inventory.
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easiest way is to use a summary search, GROUPed on (using your example) Order, Line Number, SKU. Then two columns (summary type SUM) with formula(numeric) like:

DECODE({item.inventorylocation}, 'WHS 1',{item.locationavailable},0)
DECODE({item.inventorylocation}, 'WHS 2',{item.locationavailable},0)

could also use CASE statement in formula, like:

CASE {item.inventorylocation} WHEN 'WHS 1' THEN {item.locationavailable} ELSE 0 END

Beginner Answered on May 30, 2023.
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