RE: In SS2.x, can you set a field value in beforeLoad of a User Event script?



So in a User Event script in the beforeLoad function I need to set a custom Transaction Body Field value, like this:

var newRecord = context.newRecord;


fieldId: 'custbody_my_custom_field',

value: true // or false


Logging the result of the above, I can see the value change, but it does not persist through the entire page load, and always returns to the default state. I have ‘Store Value’ checked on the field’s setup. So, is it just not possible to set a field value in beforeLoad and have that value persist?


Thanks for any help!!


mreser Rookie Asked on September 16, 2019 in SuiteScript.
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Hi, are you sure there’s no other user event or workflow or client script re-setting the variable after you set it on the first place? I tried this:

* @NApiVersion 2.x
* @NScriptType UserEventScript
* UserEventScript
function a() {
'use strict';
return {
beforeLoad: beforeLoad
function beforeLoad(context) {
fieldId: 'custbody_sample',
value: true,
ignoreFieldChange: true

It works, the field is set to true when the sales order finished loading.

Beginner Answered on September 16, 2019.

Thanks! Yes, I am sure. The field I am attempting to set is a new custom field, not referenced anywhere else. It’s good to know you got the above to work and the only thing I see right off is the `ignoreFieldChange` property. I am pretty new to SS and need to look that up in the documentation; I am not including that, so maybe it is as simple as that!

on September 16, 2019.

So I added the ignoreFieldChange property, and this is definitely not setting the value, or rather, the logging shows the same as it has: It sets the value, but then it doesn’t persist and it goes back to its original value. So weird. Wish I knew what was going on

on September 16, 2019.
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