RE: I’m getting error on eclipse netsuite token issue failed when I tried to issue token for authentication.

I also followed whole documentation but still not get anything to resolve it. I also tried sdk version 20.1 and 19.2 and in both cases facing same error

Haris Beginner Asked on August 17, 2020 in SuiteCloud.
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2 Answers

Hey Haris, I know I’m jumping in here rather late, but I recall my team having a similar problem at times.

Some NetSuite accounts can’t do Eclipse authorization tickets for some reason, possibly because of 2 Factor Authentication on the account if I recall. Because of this, sometimes you will have to do this manually. Go to “Manage Access Tokens” on the NetSuite home page and make a “New My Access Token.” After entering the input fields, it will give you a Token ID and Token Secret which you can manually enter into Eclipse by clicking the “Save Token” button. Note that these will be permanently lost once you leave the page, so make sure you take note of them.  Hope that helps!

Rookie Answered on October 23, 2020.
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