RE: Im getting an error message in the billing account : Transactions may not contain more than 5000 lines.

Hello NetSuite Professionals,

We are currently using suite billing module to bill our clients and suddenly this month I’m getting an error message in few billings accounts. This is the error message : Transactions may not contain more than 5000 lines.

I double checked from my side and the billing account in questions didn’t have more than 5000 lines.

What could cause this error message?

raj47 Rookie Asked on November 16, 2022 in Billing.
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Hi Raj.  I am a newbie too.  I did a Google Search and found this page, which advises: ”

  • Increased internet traffic at the time the transactions are being posted can also cause this issue.”

If possible, maybe you can run some tests to see if the same customers get this error consistently.  If not, it could be this error.  Hope that helps, I know it’s now much.

Rookie Answered on November 16, 2022.
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