RE: If a user’s NetSuite license has expired, can he access his netsuite account.

I am integrating NetSuite with my web application, the user grants access to my app and I get the token, with that token I am able to get other data through the rest APIs, I want to clarify what if the user’s license has expired still I will be able to get his data through rest apis?

imrankhan1622 Rookie Asked on July 21, 2023 in SuiteTalk.
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tl;dr No, you won’t.

Check out “Viewing, Editing, Creating, and Revoking TBA Tokens” SuiteAnswers 82312.

    • When an administrator removes roles from an entity (an employee, a vendor, a partner, a customer, or a contact) the tokens are still active in the system. These active tokens cannot be used by the entity for log in to NetSuite (unless the administrator adds the roles back to the entity).

    • When an administrator deletes an entity, (an employee, a vendor, a partner, a customer, or a contact) the associated tokens are deleted.

I think there are a couple of different things that could happen, depending on exactly what’s going on behind the scenes when the user’s license “expired”. I’m reading between the lines on the above a bit here, and taking that first bullet on role removal to also apply to any other scenario where the user no longer has access to NetSuite. So if the NetSuiteĀ  user and account was still extant, it’d be akin to the first scenario where your token would still exist but be denied access. And if Netsuite deleted their account entirely, it’d be akin to the second bullet where the token gets deleted entirely.

Hope that helps!

Intermediate Answered on July 24, 2023.
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