RE: How to Summarise an Allocated Supplies search

Hi I am wondering if anyone has any experience creating a saved search type = Allocated Supplies.

We have the Supply Allocation feature switched on in our account. Meaning on Purchased orders we can see of the incoming stock, how many units are allocated to exisitng SO/TOs. The field called “Allocated Demand”

What I need is for the Allocated Supplies search to show


When I try and group by SUM, the numbers are huge, and I believe it may be caused by another field pulling through, and duplicating counts.

I can’t work out how to get these numbers right.

RE: How to Summarise  an Allocated Supplies search

These are the results I am getting and in red is what I am expecting to see:

RE: How to Summarise  an Allocated Supplies search

I dont know what is causing the duplicates. Any help would be appreciated.



jordans25 Rookie Asked on January 20, 2021 in Saved Searches.
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First thing I would always do in this case is remove the summaries and look at the raw underlying results. The commonest issue in cases like this is that Netsuite is also including tax, COGS or shipping lines, increasing counts by several orders. In this case though, you must be getting substantially more data, which should be very apparent in unsummarised results.

Beginner Answered on January 21, 2021.
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