RE: How to set reply to email address for Email Templates or Workflow Send Emails

Is there a way to set the Reply To Email Address for Email Templates or within the Workflow Send Email Action?

It is possible to set the Specific Sender of where the email is coming from but that Specific send’s email switches to an account based NetSuite email address that resembles for example


The first number string would be the account number, the second and third variables would be random hashes.

Trying to get the replies for our emails to go to a separate mailbox that we control rather than viewing each and every customer record within NetSuite looking for a reply.

Dconsta3 Rookie Asked on September 13, 2019 in Marketing.

You  may consider creating a saved search of recent inbound messages. You would not have to use a workflow and could maintain some control over them within NetSuite.

on September 17, 2019.
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I would switch to a workflow action script using the email.send() method (, which allows you to set a replyTo address.

Beginner Answered on September 13, 2019.
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