RE: how to reference entitytype field in a transaction saved search?

Journals have a Name field that pulls from the Entity Name, if one exists.

We have a Saved Search where we are pulling multiple transaction types into one combined list. Depending on the type, we want to populate a “Combined Name” field. It works great, except we have a secondary condition for Journals.  If the Journal is related to a Customer/Project we want to leave Combined Name blank.

We’re using a formula field to achieve this:


WHEN {type} = ‘Bill’ THEN {vendor.entityid} || ‘ ‘ || {vendor.altname}

WHEN {type} = ‘Bill Credit’ THEN {vendor.entityid} || ‘ ‘ || {vendor.altname}

WHEN {type} = ‘Expense Report’ THEN {employee.entityid} || ‘ ‘ || {employee.altname}

WHEN {type} = ‘Journal’ AND ___________ THEN ‘ ‘

ELSE {name}


We need help with the underscore above. Obviously the type = Journal, but we can’t figure out how to determine whether that Name field on the Journals is related to a Customer or not. There is an entitytype field on Journal Lines in the Records Browser, but we get a “field not found” error in the formula. Or maybe try to use

Whatever can link us from the Journal to the Entity.

Kevin Dobo Rookie Asked on October 25, 2019 in Saved Searches.
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I think we got it. Realized that since transactions are linked to all entity types we didn’t have to get fancy with the specific field. Did this…

WHEN {type} = 'Journal' AND INSTR({name},{customer.altname}) > 0 THEN ''

Rookie Answered on October 25, 2019.
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