RE: How to Redirect to Previously Created Custom Record in Edit Mode Using Workflow


I have a workflow that takes a custom record through a couple states (ie: approved, rejected). When the user rejects the record (this happens in State 2), I want to be able to open that custom record in edit mode.

I tried using a custom workflow field and Go To Record workflow action but it opens a new custom record instead. Is there a way to open that rejected custom record in Edit mode? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

SuiteP Rookie Asked on January 31, 2024 in SuiteFlow.
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Create a workflow field called “WF Current record”. Upon entry into state 2 use a set field value to set WF current record to a static value (current record)

Then put your go to record action after that set field value action. Select your custom record as the type, in the field set “WF current record”. Then check open in edit mode

Rookie Answered on January 31, 2024.

Thanks for the reply!

I tried to do that but there’s no option for setting “WF current record” to a static value (current record). It only lets me pick a specific record# so it wouldn’t work if the previous record# changes.

I tried to use the formula option and set “WF current record” to previous record# and that didn’t work either.

Did you mean sourcing “WF current record” from “From Field” by any chance?

on January 31, 2024.
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