RE: How to print a purchase order quote

Our purchasing associate is requesting the ability to print a purchase order quote. He wants to print a PO without prices on it.

wibcon Rookie Asked on September 25, 2019 in Purchasing.
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You can get more sophisticated, but the path of least resistance is to remove the ‘rate’ and ‘amount’ lines from the Advanced PDF form.

<table class=”itemtable” style=”width: 100%;”><!– start items –><#list record.item as item><#if item_index==0>
<th align=”center” colspan=”3″>${item.quantity@label}</th>
<th colspan=”12″>${item.item@label}</th>
<th colspan=”3″>${item.options@label}</th>
<th align=”right” colspan=”4″>${item.rate@label}</th>
<th align=”right” colspan=”4″>${item.amount@label}</th>
<td align=”center” colspan=”3″ line-height=”150%”>${item.quantity}</td>
<td colspan=”12″><span class=”itemname”>${item.item}</span><br />${item.description}</td>
<td colspan=”3″>${item.options}</td>
<td align=”right” colspan=”4″>${item.rate}</td>
<td align=”right” colspan=”4″>${item.amount}</td>
</#list><!– end items –></table>
</#if><#if record.expense?has_content>


The bold lines above are the lines you would need to remove from the code. This is just an example from the standard PO form, yours could look different if you are already using a custom printed PDF form.

Beginner Answered on September 25, 2019.
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