RE: How to place POs based on backorder AND demand?

I have my items set to time phased to calculate demand plans and order accordingly. These purchase orders have a long lead time and take a long time to arrive.

I’d also like to place orders for these same items to fulfill backorders from a domestic vendor, so I can ship without waiting for the other items to arrive.

However, under my order items screen, only items with Demand Plans created for them show up, it ignores the backorders.

Does anyone know a workaround around this?

Bsimmons Rookie Asked on October 29, 2019 in Inventory.
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Demand Planning and Advanced Inventory Management are the two features at play here. An item will be set to order based on either one, and it is determined by the field “Replenishment Method”. (Time Phase = Demand Planning, Reorder Point = Advanced Inventory Management).


For Advanced Inventory Management, you’ll see your reorder of items based on reorder point, safety stock, current open supply, current backorders, etc.


For Demand Planning, you’ll need to run a demand plan (a basic forecast) and based on this forecast that is run, you can then generate a supply plan. Once a supply plan is in place for an item, your reorder items will show order quantities based on the supply plan that was generated. So basically, this method is highly predicated on getting an accurate demand plan/forecast.


Additionally, I’ll toss in here a shameless plug for our product Replenishment+. We’re built native for Netsuite and offer methods similar to Advanced Inventory Management but with much more visibility and control over your goods.


Hope this information helps!

Beginner Answered on October 30, 2019.
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