RE: How to open a suitelet after record is submited

I want open a suitelet once record is created.  I am trying with user event after submit. but its either creating record or redirecting to suitelet. Please help!

 *@NApiVersion 2.1
 *@NScriptType UserEventScript
], function (runtime, serverWidget, search, file, http, url, https, redirect) {
  function afterSubmit(context) {
    if (context.type === ‘create’)
    try {
      var currentScript = runtime.getCurrentScript();
      var o_form = context.form;
      var recordObj = context.newRecord;
      var recordId =;
        scriptId: ‘customscript_sut_create_wave_progress’,
        deploymentId: ‘customdeploy_sut_create_wave_progress’,
        parameters: {
    } catch (exp) {
        title: “Éxception in afterSubmit() function”,
        details: exp.toString(),
  return {
    afterSubmit: afterSubmit,


Maira S Beginner Asked on October 27, 2023 in SuiteScript.
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1 Answers

Hi. Could you please clarify what behaviour you are currently experiencing? What is the Suitelet doing?

Intermediate Answered on November 5, 2023.
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