RE: How To Load Millions Of Tows Into NetSuite?


Are there third party tools that will quickly load data into NetSuite ?  I have a customer that has millions of rows to load into the customer, vendor, item and sales order objects. They do NOT want to use the CSV uploads.
Any suggestions?

GKCConsultingLLC Rookie Asked on February 28, 2023 in Best Practices.
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Try suitetalk web services.

This code demonstrates how to update data in the customer, vendor, item, and sales order objects.  Note that you will need to replace the placeholders for the credentials and data with your own values, and ensure that your SuiteTalk web services integration is properly set up and authorized to access NetSuite. Additionally, you will need to handle any errors that may occur during the update process.


// Load the SuiteTalk Web Services module
var stWS = require(‘N/suiteTalk’);

// Define the credentials for accessing NetSuite
var credentials = {
email: ‘’,
password: ‘your_password’,
account: ‘1234567’,
role: ‘3’

// Create a new NetSuite client using the credentials
var client = new stWS.createClient({
account: credentials.account,
consumerKey: credentials.consumerKey,
consumerSecret: credentials.consumerSecret,
token: credentials.token,
tokenSecret: credentials.tokenSecret

// Define the data to update in the customer object
var customerData = {
internalid: 1234,
companyname: ‘Acme Inc.’,
firstname: ‘John’,
lastname: ‘Doe’

// Update the customer record using the customer data
var updateCustomerResult = client.update({
record: {
recordType: ‘customer’,
fields: customerData

// Define the data to update in the vendor object
var vendorData = {
internalid: 5678,
companyname: ‘Acme Supplies’,
firstname: ‘Jane’,
lastname: ‘Smith’

// Update the vendor record using the vendor data
var updateVendorResult = client.update({
record: {
recordType: ‘vendor’,
fields: vendorData

// Define the data to update in the item object
var itemData = {
internalid: 9012,
itemid: ‘ABC123’,
displayname: ‘ABC Widget’

// Update the item record using the item data
var updateItemResult = client.update({
record: {
recordType: ‘inventoryItem’,
fields: itemData

// Define the data to update in the sales order object
var salesOrderData = {
internalid: 3456,
memo: ‘Updated memo’

// Update the sales order record using the sales order data
var updateSalesOrderResult = client.update({
record: {
recordType: ‘salesOrder’,
fields: salesOrderData

// Log the results of the updates
log.debug(‘Update Customer Result’, updateCustomerResult);
log.debug(‘Update Vendor Result’, updateVendorResult);
log.debug(‘Update Item Result’, updateItemResult);
log.debug(‘Update Sales Order Result’, updateSalesOrderResult);



Rookie Answered on February 28, 2023.
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