RE: How to list only most recent record of similar multiple records?

I have a saved search returning multiple records, for example,

  • Purchased seminar A on 1 Jan 2020
  • Purchased seminar A on 1 Jan 2021
  • Purchased seminar A on 1 Jan 2022

In my results I only need to see the 2022 record, the most recent.

Is it possible to institute something like,
IF seminar A > 1 list in results only the latest one?

Thank You!

StephenO Rookie Asked on May 18, 2022 in Saved Searches.
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3 Answers

Thanks Ramu,
I was able to get this handled, for my use case, in the search results.

Item: Date [Seminar start date]
Summary Type: Maximum

This listed items with the most recent date.

Rookie Answered on February 8, 2023.
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