RE: How To Get Item Receipt ID from Return Auth Transaction Search?

I have a transaction search filtered to “Return Authorization” types. I want to include the corresponding item receipt internal id as a results column.

I accomplished this by including a formula(numeric) field for {}, but that duplicates results because it can bring back both the Item Receipt and the Cash Refund.

I thought I could fix this by adding a criteria of Applying Transaction : Type = Item Receipt, but then that excludes any non-received returns.

Is there some other way I can pull in the item receipt id while preventing duplicate results?

gg_revant Rookie Asked on August 27, 2021 in Saved Searches.
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3 Answers

I want to include the Item Receipt ID if the RMA has been received. If the RMA is not received this result column would be blank/null.

If I don’t include any criteria for Applying Transaction I get duplicate results due to the potential association with many applying transactions (Item Receipt, Order/Bill/Invoice, Revenue Committed, etc.).

If I try to add criteria to Applying Transaction to prevent duplicate results then I can only get received RMA. I want to show received and unreceived, but prevent the of Applying Transaction from duplicating results.

Rookie Answered on August 30, 2021.
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